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Some fashion & style blogs need flashy lights and bold names, while others prefer a more sophisticated and understated appearance. The Glamourai definitely falls into the latter category. The author, Kelly, is a fashion expert and an amazing photographer that prefers to let her work speak for her. And speak they do! Every post is beautiful, fun, and a fashion-lover’s dream. Here are some of our favorites!

Backstage Action

Kelly is a heavyweight in the fashion world, which means she gets to take up-close and personal pictures of the runway shows and presentations as they happen. Here she is at Elie Tahari’s A/W 2012 presentation, obviously admiring the bold colors!

The Artist Becomes the Subject

Here is the lovely blogger herself in her Fashion Week best during Day 5 of NYFW! Her personal style is funky and fabulous, which is why she is such an important fashionista!

High & Low

Kelly shows off her enviable wardrobe again with a casual-cool outfit that mixes high and low, masculine and feminine, and practical and funky. On anyone else, this could be all over the place, but on Kelly it just works!

Woman of All Trades

Aside from her amazing fashion career, Kelly recently became a beauty ambassador for FLIRT! Cosmetics, which allows her to give beauty tips to all of her many admirers, us included!

Expert Essential

The greatest part of Kelly’s blog is that although her life seems too fabulous to be real, her voice is laid-back and authentic, like talking to your best friend. When she described her favorite beauty staple, it was hard to believe that this is the same girl at every runway show…but it is!

What is your favorite post from The Glamourai?

xx Lace Affair

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