Monday Muse: Selective Potential

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Some people are so effortlessly cool, that even reading their blog and living vicariously through them makes you feel cooler. That is definitely the case with Tieka and her amazing style blog Selective Potential. She lives in beautiful Michigan, and her personal style and adventures are always fun and unique! Take a look and see if she is also your Monday Muse!

Mix It Up

See what we mean by unique? It may seem odd to pair a floral blazer, patterned tights, and brown ankle boots, but Tieka somehow makes it work!

Cherry Blossom Girl

This outfit is the perfect balance between feminine and quirky. A white linen dress is punctuated by fun shoes, belt, and tights to make it personal and unique.

Pretty in Pink

How beautiful is this picture? As you can see, Tieka is a genius at evoking a certain mood with her pictures. The hazy strains of early spring, and the misty beauty of the perfect sunrise. Ah.

Get Your Kicks

Well, Tieka definitely loves her shoes! We think that shoes, rather than eyes, are the windows to the soul. These bad boys show that Tieka’s soul is fun, energetic, and unique! Sounds about right!

It’s Her Party

Okay so this isn’t as much about her personal style, but Tieka is also cool because she loves throwing parties for fellow bloggers to meet and mingle. Bringing your style into the world can be intimidating, but with bloggers like these, it sounds pretty great!

What is your favorite Selective Potential post?

xx Lace Affair

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