Monday Muse: Rockstar Diaries

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One of the best parts of the blogging world is that it gives you access into someone else’s life. You share their highs and lows, their best outfits and worst hair days. For those who have been following Rockstar Diaries over the past 5 years, you have seen their family grow from 2 to 3 and eventually 4. Taza and her hubby have moved from NYC to DC, but their cool and quirky lifestyle has stayed in tact! Follow us as we look at some of their best moments!

Three’s Company–Baby Eleanor has grown up on the blog, and she is too cute! Here are some snapshot moments into the lives of this family of rockstars!

Future Mrs. President–One of our favorite parts of this blog is seeing the fun fam enjoy their hometown, and take us with them on the journey!

Baby, You’re a Rockstar–They should really just call this Eleanor’s blog, because this little cutie and her adorable accessories always steal the show!

A Day in the Life–There’s mom! Taza is always all smiles, probably because she has the cutest family in the whole world! And the coffee doesn’t hurt :)

The Best for Last–Not to be outdone on the cuteness scale, this adorable pup is Kingsley. Cute dog and pretty flowers, sounds like the perfect blog to us!

What is your favorite Rockstar Diaries moment?

xx Lace Affair

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