Monday Muse: Cali Vintage

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If you are familiar with Lace Affair, then you know we adore all things vintage! And we know we are not the only ones thanks to blogs like Cali Vintage. Written by Erin Perez Hagstrom, the blog is a delightful mix of personal style, photography, and fashion tips that blend modern and vintage styles. We love the blog’s clean, earthy layout and Erin’s personal and fun writing style. Cali Vintage is definitely our Monday Muse, take a look and see if you don’t fall in love too!

Boast About It

Erin has incredible taste and is always the first to direct us towards a cool new brand or label. Or, in this case, a classic vintage label. These images pulled from the Boast Lookbook are retro, beautiful, and totally fitting with Cali Vintage.

Making Waves

See what we mean by earthy? Erin is all about connecting fashion with nature and this lovely wave-inspired dress definitely fits the bill! We’d paddle out with her anyday!

It’s A Family Affair

We love when bloggers support designers and vice versa, so this post about the new Family Affair collection made us really happy. Not only are the clothes and shots gorgeous, but it is a perfect fit for Erin and her fans (aka us).

Synchronized Shopping

We love everything about the ’40s, especially the shoes! Luckily, we have Erin to turn us on to Swedish Hasbeens, a totally retro shoe company with a GORGEOUS ad campaign to match! Where does she find all of this amazing-ness?

Model Behavior

Seriously, how cute is she? This is Erin before she modeled at the Polyvore Live Event for NYFW, and we love everything about her au naturel approach to beauty. Her low-maintenance style totally inspires us!

What is your favorite vintage-inspired blog (besides this one)?

xx Lace Affair

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