DIY: Crazy Breakfast Ideas

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We all want to go crazy sometimes. Between work, school, family, and friends, it can feel like a girl never has time to just do what she wants! That is why these unique, odd, and delicious-sounding recipes are so essential. By starting your day with something yummy and different, you will set off a domino effect to combat any boredom or stagnation. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, try to balance out these kooky concoctions with some fresh fruit or Greek yogurt, but otherwise live a little!

Go Nuts for Donuts

Maple Bacon Cake Doughnuts via A Cozy Kitchen

 Doughnuts are always a treat, but add some maple glaze and pieces of bacon and these become a decadent start to your day!

Cheers to A New Day

Beer & Barley Crepes via Turntable Kitchen

 These delicious French pancakes are best eaten on a lazy Saturday morning, so that you can allow your alcoholic breakfast to really hit the spot.

I’ll Have Another Lolli-Cup

Coffee Lollipops via Sprinkle Bakes

If you prefer a more liquid, more caffeinated breakfast, try this wild variation on coffee to-go!


The NicGriddle Breakfast Sandich via AllieNic

For a (much) healthier take on a fast food breakfast sandwich place fruit and almond butter in between two whole-wheat pancakes!


Cinnamon Roll Scones via Annie's Eats

Cinnabon might look delicious but it is terrible for you! Recreate it on your own terms with this delicious cinnamon-y recipe!

What is your favorite fun breakfast idea?

xx Lace Affair

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