Chictopia Shop’s Back to Cool Campaign

We are excited to announce that we are participating in Chictopia’s “Back to Cool” Shop where everyday from now to September 28th at least one back to school item will be listed in the Back to Cool Shop for 20% off!

Some of the items that will be featured for 20% off  include:

Lacey and Lovely Dress

Honor Society Handbag

Walkin’ On Sunshine Top

Go for the Gold Belt in Black

Going to the Garden Backpack

Word to the Wise Sunglasses in Brown

Be sure to check our Twitter and Chictopia’s Back to Cool Shop each day for new items!

xo, Lace Affair


Contemporary Fall Style Inspiration

Last week we showed you some of our vintage fall style inspirations so this week we wanted to show you our contemporary inspirations! One of the great things about fashion and personal style these days is that trends no longer rule everything. We are free to mix and match colors, patterns, prints, and textures as we see fit and play with silhouettes and shapes as much as we want! Before the heavy coats and snow boots of winter kick in (not that those can’t be stylish in their own way) fall is the perfect time to experiment with layering all sorts of clothes and for transitioning your favorite spring and summer pieces into chilly weather staples. Here are some of our favorite contemporary looks:

Leather and Layers via

 Leather jackets, skirts, pants, vests, and tops have become pretty popular in the last few years. We love the mix of edgy leather pants with a preppy denim shirt and mint sweater layered over it!

Jewel-Toned Print Mixing via

This jewel-toned mix of stripes and polka dots is perfect for fall! You can always add tights and a coat or vest as it gets colder and this look is perfectly work appropriate!

Casual Cool via

For more casual fall moments we love skinny jeans layered with a simple T and a plaid shirt (or any other printed blouse). Add some casual bracelets, a scarf, and a crossbody bag and you’re good to go!

Layered Legs via

We are loving the layered leg looks happening for fall! Try layering tights with socks over them and booties or boots. You can also layer socks or leg warmers over skinny jeans and under boots for a casual collegiate fall look.

Layered Maxi via

To get the most out of your summer wardrobe you can layer you favorite summer dresses like this maxi dress here. Add a sweater or coat and a scarf and boots to make it fall appropriate!

Statement Coat via

This look is perfection! Pick up a statement coat (or cape in this case) in winter white or a statement color to give you something other than the typical black, grey, and navy coats you probably already have. You can always dress a coat up or down depending on what you are doing that day!

Leopard Love via

Leopard print doesn’t have to be intimidating (or trashy)! A pop of leopard in a coat or accessories like shoes or scarves is perfect. It can also be mixed with other patterns like stripes in this case! Keeping to one bold color in small doses in an outfit helps tone leopard print down. Here it’s layered to perfection with a denim shirt, striped dress, and chunky jewelry.

Are you excited for fall fashion? What will your go to style be for fall?

xo, Lace Affair

Inspiration from Hollywood Beauties

It may seem that with ladies like Audrey, Jackie, and Marilyn that true Hollywood beauty faded years ago, but that’s not the case! There are still so many beautiful ladies to inspire us, but nowadays it is more unconventional beauty that’s celebrated, which is exactly what we like to see! The women shown here are all beautiful because they follow their own unique style and appear very comfortable in their skin — and what is more beautiful than that? Here’s what we can learn from them:

Tilda Swinton

Tilda is known for her unique style — from her barely-there eyelashes to her avant-garde fashion choices. She shows that whatever your style is, you should be proud to rock it, because feeling comfortable will make you glow anywhere you go!

Stella McCartney

This famous progeny is also one of the most talented fashion designers around. On top of her obvious talents, Stella is beautiful because she never forgets her beliefs; she is a lifelong vegetarian and refuses to use animal materials such as fur and leather in her clothing. Stick to what you believe in and shine like Stella!

Jenny Shimizu

This model and actress knows what looks great on her, even if it isn’t typically feminine styles. Just because something is hot or trendy doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Learn from Jenny that beauty comes from within, no matter how you choose to show that on the outside.

Liv Tyler

Being the daughter of a rockstar, some may expect Liv to be a crazy party-animal but the actress has worked hard in her industry to be taken seriously and her wholesome good looks are a big part of that. This just shows that no matter how people view you, it is how you view yourself that is WAY more important.

Aishwarya Rai

The Bollywood actress that has been billed as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ is even more lovely because she sticks to her cultural beliefs and frequently adorns herself with traditional saris, kohl eyeliner, and Indian gemstones. Never forget where you came from because it is part of what makes you beautiful.

What’s your idea of true beauty? Let us know in the comments!

xx Lace Affair

DIY: Removable Fur Collar

Fur collars have always been a classic look for fall and winter! In the last few years it has become even more popular with fur collars popping up on every kind of coat, jacket, and blazer imaginable. Of course it’s too expensive (and not very versatile) to buy all new coats/ jackets with fabulous collars on them so why not make your own!

Inspiration coats with fur collars via & (See previous post for vintage inspiration):

This is a super easy DIY! All you need is a collar off of an old coat, a needle and thread, and ribbon of your choice. I took a removable faux fur collar off of a coat I no longer wore before I donated it. It buttoned onto the coat it came with but since none of my other coats and jackets have buttons for collars I decided to sew a ribbon to the front of the collar so that I could tie it closed over any coat! If you don’t have an old coat with a collar you can easily find one for cheap at Goodwill or a thrift store.

Here’s the collar on it’s own:

I chose a simple black grosgrain ribbon to sew onto it but you could really use any ribbon you like. Now I’m wishing I had done a big organza ribbon or some chiffon so that the bow really stands out when the collar is tied but I can always change it later.

All you have to do is sew the ribbon to the back side of the bottom ends of the collar!

And Voila it’s all done and ready to be paired with the coat of your choosing!

I paired mine over a classic navy blue blazer and an olive green anorak. I plan on putting it over everything! Including a leather jacket, a wool coat, and maybe even a vest or chunky sweater!

I also have a shearling collar I plan on doing the same thing with. What do you think of (faux) fur collars on coats? Is this a look you like for fall/winter?

xo, Lace Affair

Vintage Fall Style Inspiration

Summer is almost over and fall will soon be upon us! While it’s sad to see the sun go we are secretly super excited for fall fashion and the return of layering. We picked out some vintage photographs featuring fall and winter looks to give you some vintage inspired style ideas (plus they are just so fun to look at!). Enjoy the retro looks below!

Fabulous 1930s Vintage Coat with Collar via

1937 Smart Suits with Stripes and Coats via

1949 Velvet Evening Dress with Lace Collar via

1954 A Perfect Fit and Flare Little Black Dress via

1955 Harper’s Bazaar Editorial shot by Richard Avedon

featuring a chic bracelet length sleeve coat and full length leather gloves via

1957 Statement Coat and the Perfect Amount of Leopard Accessories via

1960 Dior Coat with Fabulous Fur Trim (but make it faux!) via

1968 Patterned Knit Wear and Tights via

We hope you enjoyed these fun vintage fashions! What’s your favorite place to get fall style inspiration?

xo, Lace Affair

Retro Style: Just Like Judy Jetson

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore retro style! For our newest lookbook we shot some of our favorite retro pieces including the Just Like Judy Jetson Dress. This dress has a vintage look with a hint of the space-age obsession that came about in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s. It’s full skirt, fitted waist, and shoulder detail have tons flattering retro appeal! Take a look at the photos!

We styled the red Just like Judy Jetson Dress with our pretty floral Grass is Greener Belt, Cute as a Button Earrings, and What a Lovely RING-tone ring. The Just Like Judy Jetson Dress is also available in Blue and Green the perfect jewel-tones for fall!

xo, Lace Affair

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