Sundays are for…Canning!

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So, whenever a new foodie trend emerges, it feels like every food and DIY blog has it covered. Does anyone else feel that way? The latest all-over trend is Canning! While it may seem scary to can your own jams, spreads, and veggies, it is actually surprisingly easy and way healthy! Here are some fun recipes and important tips for a great Sunday activity!

Spring Cleaning

The most important tip that any canner will tell you is to WASH your jars first! Make sure to sterilize them in boiling water and dry them completely! This makes the process healthy and keeps icky bacteria away!

You are What you Can

The coolest aspect of canning is that it is a way to preserve fruits and veggies that would otherwise go bad. Make them into delicious spreads and jams, and enjoy fresh produce even in the winter!

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything, canning may take a few tries to get it right, but the process is fairly simple and straightforward. Numerous food and home blogs have step-by-step tutorials to follow!

Mix it Up

Once you get the process down, you can experiment with fun flavor combinations, like fig, bourbon, and vanilla! Toast will never be the same again…

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

When you are a canning master, you can begin to spread the wealth with friends and family! Canned items make amazing holiday presents, just add a homemade label and some ribbon!

What is your favorite part of canning?

xx Lace Affair

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One Response to “Sundays are for…Canning!”

  1. Audrey says:

    I’ve just recently found your wisbete and fell in love with it. I spent an entire day reading all of your fantastic blogs and recipes. I’m so glad to have a place where I can go to do canning the way I want to. A few years ago I became disabled and my husband and I had to downsize to an apartment. Consequently, my canning supplies were given to our children (Hoping that they would put them to good use and maybe even pass along some of their products to us). Now I find myself itching to put up some produce while I can. This would certainly be a welcome help to me, as I no longer have the need for large batches of anything. Good luck to everyone in this contest. Oh, and one more thing thank you so much for the blueberry butter recipe! This was genius-and so helpful to me! Using your crock pot-why didn’t I think of that! Keep the recipes coming people like me need inspiration!

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