Wordless Wednesday: Barbie-Inspired Fashion

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We all know her. With her glamorous blonde hair, perfect figure, and eternal smile. No, not Marilyn Monroe! I’m talking about Barbie. The doll, born in 1959, that has held numerous jobs, had one of the most long-lasting relationships ever with Ken, and has worn every trend known to mankind. Luckily, her enviable fashion sense is easy to replicate! Here are some of her most classic looks, along with some help from our store. Go on, be a doll!

I’m A Barbie Girl

Go pink! Shiny lips, rosy cheeks, and shimmery eyes are all you need for the Barbie-look!

Accessories Included

Our A Pinch of Pink Purse is perfect for carrying all of your necessities, plastic or not!

Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

Throw a Barbie-themed bash with touches of nostalgia for all the girls in your life!

In A Barbie World

Invest in pink satin sheets and curtains to wake up everyday in your very own Barbie Dream House!

Dress Me Up

If acting like a real-life Barbie is not your thing, then bring out your DIY talent and make some handmade Barbie clothes! They are great sewing practice, and Barbie always needs to stay up with the hottest trends!

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